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A trip to Basilicata: the flavours and traditions of a land full of charm

Basilicata is a region steeped in thousands of years of charm, characterised by fairy-tale landscapes, and ready to offer emotions at the table too, thanks to its incomparable food and wine.

“Basilicata. Travel, magic, memories”. These are the words that greet you on basilicataturistica.it, the website dedicated to tourism in the region.  Three words that encapsulate the soul of an area of irresistible charm.

We have decided to take you on an ideal journey through its villages and specialities. Are you ready?

Basilicata, among villages and landscapes

Our exploration begins in Matera: one of the oldest cities in the world, as proven by the discovery of settlements dating back to the Palaeolithic age. The Sassi, natural amphitheatres carved out of the rock, represent the heart of the town, its oldest part. A maze of alleys and stairways, the belltowers of underground churches, arches, spacious terraces and balconies: losing yourself in this timeless space at dusk is an experience like no other.

All you have to do is close your eyes and think of the town of Matera to imagine yourself in a crystal-clear sea, characterised by breathtaking natural beauty. When you have the chance to visit the region, you really must take a catamaran trip on the Ionian Sea between Marina di Policoro and Pisticci.

There are also steep climbs up the slopes of magnificent mountains, from which you can admire the sea in the distance. Trails, itineraries for trekking and outdoor enthusiasts, the magnificent city of Potenza, museums, culture and wonder.

Wine and flavoursVini e sapori della Basilicata

The flavours of Basilicata are based on ancient culinary traditions. Flavours from the countryside and delicious gifts from the sea come together in fabulous combinations on the table. Soft flans made with cod and potatoes, rack of lamb from the Lucanian Dolomites, Lucanian cannoli, and rosemary-scented “cicerchiata” are just some of the delicacies on offer.

Delicious “taralli con naspro”, fragrant biscuits covered with the typical sweet glaze made with water, sugar and Metapontino lemon juice.

Perusing the delicacies to be found in Basilicata, you’ll come across recipes that unite wine and pasta dishes, such as the exceptional “fusilli ubriachi di Aglianico del Vulture”.

Aglianico del Vulture: Yin e Yang dei vini di Basilicata

And it is Aglianico del Vulture, a volcanic wine that embodies the spirit of this land, that we have chosen to include in our Le Clivie catalogue. It beautifully represents one of the aspects of Basilicata: a warm, enveloping, nocturnal dimension. It symbolises Yin in a hypothetical combination with the sunnier Falanghina, a complementary and seductive Yang.

A white wine that reaps the legacy of an endless summer and translates it into emotion that rises up from the glass, among aromas and flavours of rare expressive power. A naturally enchanting red wine, velvety and overwhelming, charged with a mystical blend of tradition and passion.

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