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Asolo Prosecco: the sparkling wine for your Christmas celebrations

Asolo Prosecco Le Clivie, the star of the festive season?

It isn’t easy to decide which is the perfect wine for the Christmas period. There are so many options and all of them are absolutely valid.

In the Italian wine world, Christmas and New Year’s Eve are synonymous with BaroloAmaroneBrunello di Montalcino,, Moscato

One wine, however, stands out from the shortlist of possibilities: Asolo Prosecco.

This is a unique Spumante of the finest quality, made in an incredible area where the utmost respect is paid to biodiversity.

Testament to the uniqueness of its terroir:  the hills of Montello and Asolo.

Asolo Prosecco originates in a circumscribed and qualitatively outstanding territory, a factor that clearly distinguishes it from other types of Prosecco in terms of quality.

It is a variegated area, alternating hills and plains, where the rich biodiversity of nature is respected.

Here, at the foot of the Dolomites, the vineyards are located at an altitude ranging from 100 to 450 metres above sea level, where they benefit from a mild climate with excellent southerly exposure.

A superior sparkling wine

Asolo Prosecco is a unique, superior sparkling wine, clearly distinguished by its very pale colour, bold floral aromas and savoury flavour. 

This sparkling wine, with its fine, creamy perlage, displays subtle hints of white flowers. On the palate it is savoury with a very slight touch of semi-sweetness.

Great aromatic constancy and acidity balanced with savouriness characterise this wine, reflecting the link between the product and its terroir, which is blessed with unique pedoclimatic conditions.

The fruity aroma, delicate flavour, smooth body and lively sparkle make Asolo Prosecco a very pleasant and easily drinkable wine. Elegant, crisp and light. Euphoric.

Depending on your personal preference, it can be enjoyed in BRUT or EXTRA DRY versions.

Asolo Prosecco BRUT

The Brut version has a maximum residual sugar of 12 grams per litre.

The palate is pleasant and fresh with a slightly tart note that makes it the perfect wine for aperitifs or to accompany hors d’oeuvres or fish dishes.

Asolo Prosecco EXTRA DRY

The Extra Dry has a residual sugar content of between 12 and 17 grams per litre and is a more mellow wine with sweeter notes. Ideal for a toast but also the perfect accompaniment for food, from light snacks to full banquets.

Asolo Prosecco, 1000 years of history

Like all important things, Asolo Prosecco has an ancient history.

Benedictine monks practised viticulture in the Asolo hills and on Montello as far back as the year 1000. In around 1400, Venetian nobility started showing an interest in the beauty of the area and the appeal of its wine, and began exporting it around the world. The region’s fame spread so quickly that it soon became a privileged location for aristocratic villas and residences that can still be visited today.

The Magnum: an excellent modern-day habit

Asolo Prosecco Festa

By contrast, a trend that has been gaining increasing momentum in recent times is the Magnum.

Its imposing presence makes it the king of celebrations, lending itself to sharing and creating a convivial and festive atmosphere.

From a qualitative point of view, the wine collected in Magnums is less exposed to oxygen. This allows it to develop more slowly and stably, resisting fluctuations in temperature and preserving the wine’s sensory characteristics beautifully.

But at the end of the day, whether you choose Brut or Extra Dry, bottles or magnums, one thing’s for sure: Asolo Prosecco is the perfect choice for your Christmas celebrations.