Dacastello Vini Pregiati has been showcasing Italian wineries for over twenty years, offering a wide range of wines that are deeply rooted in their native Italian territory.

Our selection brings together an assortment of over one hundred types of wine that best represent the value of Italian winemaking, the local character of each label, and accessibility to a diversified consumer base.

Dacastello Vini Pregiati has become an important intersection between Italy’s native wines and the national and international markets, thanks to the conception of a variety of collections and to distribution and marketing on a vast scale.

In Italy and worldwide, our operation is characterised by a dynamic service, professionalism, rigour and reactivity, enabling direct and constant interaction with our business partners.
Our close relationship with our customers and our in-depth knowledge of the different markets enable us to dynamically and globally predict and fulfil the needs of our business partners.


Competitiveness and recognition

The validity of our work has been acknowledged in recent years by the receipt of awards by several of our wines at the International Wine Challenge (IWC), l’America Awards, James Suckling, Andreas Larsson, Berlin Wine Competition, London Wine Competition, Women’s Wines and Spirit Awards.

The company’s evolution is in the hard-working hands of a close-knit, dynamic team.

We listen to our contacts in order to fulfil the needs of the end consumer. Contact and direct interaction enable us to meet the highest expectations.

We believe in the importance of establishing stable and lasting relationships.

Mindful of the evolution of society, we exploit the advantages offered by new technologies, while preserving the human touch that can only be achieved through conversation and a handshake. An open, transparent and respectful exchange is the essence of our business.