Gio Tirotto Design Studio designs the Dacastello Vini Pregiati stand for Vinitaly 2022 - Dacastello Vini Pregiati

Gio Tirotto Design Studio designs the Dacastello Vini Pregiati stand for Vinitaly 2022

VINITALY, the most eagerly awaited event in the European wine calendar, has been the meeting point for winemakers, buyers, distributors and wine lovers for years.

In recent times, digital events, online trade fairs and remote masterclasses have made it possible for people from all over the world to meet up, establish new business relationships and initiate partnerships that were previously unthinkable. One of the positive aspects of the pandemic, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Meet, etc. have revolutionised the way we work. And that’s a good thing.

But there’s a but. After endless meetings in suits and ties with slippers on our feet, we have rediscovered the pleasure of a handshake, the sound of glasses clinking when a contract is signed. We still feel the need to travel, see each other, smell the aroma of wine, see its colour, its highlights.

And Vinitaly 2022 makes this possible once again. From 10 to 13 April 2022, Verona returns to its role as the hub of the wine world, and we can’t wait to be there in person.

And for the occasion we entrusted the concept of our stand to Gio Tirotto Design Studio.

An internationally acclaimed designer, Tirotto has succeeded in capturing and translating the sense of our project into an empirical philosophy of matter, in which light and form become the essential elements of the space.




“I felt it was important to focus the design on my interpretation of the essence of Dacastello, which is the cancellation of distances between different territories thanks to wine.

“Drinking a Valpolicella in Dubai” is one of the phrases I used to portray the possibilities offered by the company, which it sets as its daily mission.

This led to the inspiration for a lamp that could summarise this concept using movement and colours, creating infinite nuances, to match the infinity of sensations that wine arouses in us”.

Gio Tirotto



This collaboration has been an interesting, clever and constructive exchange, which allowed us to think about the workspace and everything that goes with it.

The space we work in is more than just a room, a company, an office or a stand. It is a place that represents us, a place where we should feel at home, where ideas are hatched and circulated, where we tackle problems and make the most important decisions. In our sector, we definitely spend more time at work than we do at home, so we need to feel good when we’re there.

It is a well-known fact that the environment around us influences the way we feel. Depending on the circumstances, we choose different environments. For example, we don’t choose the same kind of restaurant for a romantic dinner and a business lunch. The décor, the lighting and the space convey certain emotions. An informal trattoria with a chequered tablecloth and the menu written on a blackboard evokes the idea of a rustic, family kitchen, where we immediately feel more relaxed and spontaneous, while an open space with big windows and large round tables makes it easier to work and helps concentration.

This is why it is important for us to create a workspace that expresses our values and ideas.

And this was the reason why we entrusted the creation of our stand to designer Gio Tirotto. To take our world, our universe, to Vinitaly. In 100,000 square metres of exhibition space with over 4000 exhibitors from 35 countries, visited by thousands of people every year, we wanted to recreate our ideal environment for working, catching up with long-standing partners and meeting new ones.

And it is with great pleasure that we invite you to visit us in Verona, from 10 to 13 April 2022.

You’ll find us in HALL 8 at STAND H6.

We look forward to seeing you.