Ode to Sicilian wines - Dacastello Vini Pregiati

Ode to Sicilian wines

Sicily, land of oranges, capers and prickly pears, reveals all its beauty at this time of year with its almond trees laden with blossom.

A land rich in history, art and culture, Sicily is also a region with an ancient tradition for wine. Many of the grape varieties now considered to be native were actually introduced by the Phoenicians. At the time of the Roman Empire, Sicilian wines were among the most famous in the ancient world and were widely exported throughout the empire.

Sicilian wines have been restored to their former glory in recent years, asserting themselves all over the world with their intense and warm character.

The Sicilian wines that make up the Dacastello and Le Clivie ranges are made in a varied territory, characterised by different microclimates and soils with different geological origins.

On the coast, in the heart of the Mediterranean shrubland, known here as macchia, sea breezes mitigate the hot African winds, keeping the vines healthy and the quality of the grapes excellent.

On the terraces, formed as a result of changing water levels in different geological eras, the vines grow in soil characterised by the presence of shells and marine fossils.

The situation is cooler on the hills, with more rain. The calcareous, clayey, medium-textured soil retains rainwater, gradually releasing it to the vines. Each type of grape is cultivated in its ideal soil, giving the wine a unique, unmistakable profile and outstanding quality.

Discovering Sicilian wines

SHIRAZ Terre Siciliane D.O.P. Dacastello

Legend has it that Queen Cleopatra greatly appreciated Shiraz wine. In the 3rd century, Roman legionnaires brought the first strains to Sicily and, since then, Shiraz has been intertwined with the history of the most fascinating and noble island in the Mediterranean, where it was the wine that saved Ulysses from the monstrous Cyclops Polyphemus. Shiraz Terre Siciliane I.G.P. Dacastello, a tribute to the Valley of the Temples, an ode to the sun and the wind that caresses the grapes.

GRAPES: 100% Shiraz


PRODUCTION ZONE : Menfi, Provincia di Agrigento, Sicily, Italy

VERMENTINO Terre Siciliane I.G.T. Dacastello

Echoing saline and rocky coasts, a tribute to the Mediterranean maquis with its scent of thyme and citrus fruits, Vermentino Terre Siciliane I.G.P. Dacastello is the wine of the sea.

GRAPES: 100% Vermentino

ALCOHOL: 12,5°

PRODUCTION ZONE:  Menfi, Provincia di Agrigento, Sicily, Italy

INZOLIA Terre Siciliane I.G.P. Dacastello

The wine par excellence during the Greek symposia, Inzolia first landed on Sicily’s shores in the 7th century BC. In describing one of Sicily’s oldest wines, Baron Nicolosi referred to Inzolia in 1869 as “A beautiful quality of grape, which yields much fruit, makes generous wine, and has a gentle flavour, qualities that make it desirable”.

GRAPES: 100% Inzolia

ALCOHOL: 12,5°

PRODUCTION ZONE: Menfi, Provincia di Agrigento, Sicily, Italy


A native Sicilian grape by definition, Nero d’Avola is rooted in the tradition of the most fascinating and culturally rich Mediterranean island.

A sumptuous, well-balanced wine, the fruit of the land warmed by the hot sun and caressed by the sea breeze, Nero d’Avola Sicilia D.O.C. Le Clivie is an ode to Dionysus, the god of wine.

GRAPES: 100% Nero d’Avola


PRODUCTION: Province of Trapani, Sicily, Italy

NERO D’AVOLA Sicilia D.O.C. Dacastello

A deep and elegant red, with an aroma reminiscent of Mediterranean maquis. Warm and velvety on the palate, Nero d’Avola D.O.C. Dacastello is a sensory journey into the heart of Sicily. “Nero d’Avola, the best wine made in the area; a very strong and sweet wine, that you never want to stop drinking”. Leonardo Sciascia

UVE: 100% Nero d’Avola

ALCOL: 12,5°

AREA DI PRODUZIONE: Menfi, Provincia di Agrigento, Sicily, Italy