A land of mirages, with villages embedded into cliffs, endless expanses of olive groves, and vineyards, the Apulia region is a green oasis lapped by the sea.

Having always been famous for its excellent oil production, Apulia’s winemaking tradition is favoured by the Mediterranean climate and the alberello (bush) vine training system, which allows the vines to make the most of the soil’s resources.

Geography and Geology in Apulia - Dacastello Vini Pregiati

Geography and Geology

Prosperous and fertile, Apulia is one of Italy’s most active regions when it comes to winemaking. Our grapes are grown mainly in the Brindisi area, in Mesagne, and in the Lecce area, in Guagnano. Brindisi’s continental climate, characterised by cold winters and hot summers, accompanies soils with excellent drainage and little dispersion of water. Wine production in the province of Lecce, on the other hand, is characterised by the area's proximity to the sea, which conveys minerality to the wines.
History, Art and Culture in Apulia - Dacastello Vini Pregiati

History, Art and Culture

Vines were already present in Apulia at the time of Greek colonisation in the 8th century BC. Some varieties now considered native to the area, such as Negroamaro and Uva di Troia, were actually introduced by the Greeks. Apulia's wine represents a link with the tradition and culture of these places.
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Food and wine

The food and wine of Apulia is characterised by the importance of basic products and respect for the balance of ingredients, be they meat, fish or vegetables. All the elements merge together in unique recipes that enhance their genuine flavour. And of course, every dish is enhanced by Apulia's condiment par excellence: extra virgin olive oil.
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