“You don’t visit Piedmont, you savour it”

Land of the moon and bonfires (from the English translation of La Luna e i Falò by Italian poet and novelist Cesare Pavese), Piedmont marks the border between two worlds: the Mediterranean and continental Europe.
A blend of tradition and innovation, this region has taken on a central role in the development of modern Italian oenology.

Geography and Geology in Piedmont - Dacastello Vini Pregiati

Geography and Geology

Our wines are made in the heart of the Langhe. In the area crossed by the Talloria as it runs through the municipalities of Diano d'Alba, Serralunga d'Alba, Montelupo Albese and Sinio. After months of painstaking work in the vineyard, the grapes are brought into the cellar where they undergo soft pressing, temperature-controlled fermentation, natural colour stabilisation and storage in steel tanks.
History, Art and Culture in Piedmont - Dacastello Vini Pregiati

History, Art and Culture

One of the first people to appreciate Piedmontese wine was Julius Caesar. Upon returning from the Gallic War, the Roman commander decided to take a large amount of it back with him to Rome. Later, the region's wines intrigued oenologists and eminent members of high society. Camillo Benso, Count of Cavour, converted the cellars of his Grinzane estate for the production of Barolo, and the wine soon attracted the attention of the Royal House of Savoy, which introduced this noble wine to its elaborate royal banquets. Since then, Barolo has been considered “the wine of kings, the king of wines”.
Food and wine in Piedmont - Dacastello Vini Pregiati

Food and wine

Piedmont's food and wine know exactly how to satisfy the soul. From the exquisite Alba white truffle to the rice grown around Vercelli, not forgetting native cheeses such as Castelmagno and Raschera. Piedmont's wines, be they noble, like Barolo and Barbaresco, or slightly simpler, like Barbera and Dolcetto, are the perfect accompaniment to a cuisine that originates as much in farm kitchens as in royal banquets.
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