Sicily, land of oranges, capers and succulent figs, where the spring air is scented by almond blossoms.

“Sicily has all the allure of the sea, the charm of ancient myths and the essence of hospitality. The loveliest region of Italy: a stunning orgy of colours, scents and lights… a great delight”, to quote Sigmund Freud.

Geography and Geology in Sicily - Dacastello Vini Pregiati

Geography and Geology

Our Sicilian wines are made in a varied territory, characterised by different microclimates and soils with different geological origins of the soils. On the coast, in the heart of the Mediterranean shrubland, known here as macchia, sea breezes mitigate the hot African winds, keeping the vines healthy and the quality of the grapes excellent. On the terraces, formed from hills that have been shaped by the sea and changing water levels in different geological eras, the vines grow in soil characterised by the presence of shells and marine fossils. The situation is cooler on the hills, with more rain. The calcareous, clayey, medium-textured soil retains rainwater, gradually releasing it to the vines. Each type of grape is cultivated in its ideal soil, giving the wine a unique, unmistakable profile and outstanding quality.
History, Art and Culture in Sicily - Dacastello Vini Pregiati

History, Art and Culture

Sicily is a land rich in history, art and culture, but also a region with deep-rooted wine traditions dating back to ancient times. Vines have characterised the history of this land since the dawn of time. Many of the grape varieties now considered to be native were actually introduced by the Phoenicians. At the time of the Roman Empire, Sicilian wines were among the most famous in the ancient world and were widely exported throughout the empire.
Food and wine in Sicily - Dacastello Vini Pregiati

Food and wine

Sicily's food and wine heritage is essentially agricultural and seafood-based, and is influenced by the Arab and Norman peoples, who enriched it with new flavours. Sicily's culinary culture bears traces of and contributions from the various peoples who have settled on the island over the last two thousand years. This explains why some ancient recipes, such as fish couscous, caponata and cassata, are still prepared and served in Sicilian homes.
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