Greco di Tufo D.O.C.G. - Dacastello Vini Pregiati

One of Campania’s most celebrated wines, Greco di Tufo boasts a distinctive character. A white wine with an important structure, crisp and smooth, it is an icon of Irpinian oenology. Its name originates from the land where it is cultivated: the municipality of Tufo, characterised by the presence of a volcanic rock known as tuff. Its value has been recognised since ancient times, so much so that the Latin writer Pliny the Elder claimed that “Greco wine was so prized that it was poured only once at banquets”.

The label illustration was created by artist Lucilla Tubaro. The title of the work, ANNAMURA’, is a tribute to the secret Irpinia of the Janare, enchanting fairies who had the power to seduce, to bewitch.

Annamurà, in Irpinian dialect means to enamour, to make someone fall in love.